The Case of the Thanksgiving Thoughts

As another year comes to its end, I am just sitting here thinking of how very blessed I have been. I truly am thankful for all the people that have trusted me over these many years and I am thankful that I have been able to contribute to the betterment of their lives. Although what we do is not an easy process- it does take time to unwind the pain that has been there for so many years- we have proven that this process works really well and we have many successes over these past years.

One of the main reasons that I believe we are so successful is because of my team- they are the best!  I am very lucky to work with a team of seven people who run this office like the well oiled machine that it is. These folks are hard working and really understand that our patients need to feel cared for and appreciated at the same time. My team members exude confidence in what they do and the patients really pick up on this. Our patients know that my team knows what they are doing and know that I trust what they do! By having such a highly trained group of people working with me, I am able to focus on taking care of 20 patients each day and never have to rush through our discussions and planning sessions because I know that my assistants are just down the hall taking great care of another patient and I know that my front desk team is handling everything else. This great group of people makes sure that my day is productive and the patients are well handled at all times.

I would like to also point out that I am ever so thankful to the many patients of ours who have referred their friends and family to our office over the years. It is truly remarkable to meet a new patient only to have them tell me they are related to Mary or Sam who I treated years ago! As I look back on just today for example, I can look at the schedule and feel thankful that so many of our patients said “Thank you Dr. Brown” as they report feeling better as each month passes. It is I who is thankful for all those people who have put their trust in me and will give me the time it takes to make them feel better.

And so another year comes to an end, another chapter in the life of ‘Sleep and TMJ Therapy’, and a few more gray hairs show on top of my head!  😊  The journey has been amazing and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and I am right there having fun every day of the week! Thank you all for all that you do!