Lately, it seems that more often than not, I meet a new patient who has been through tremendous stress, distress, and genuine pain at the hands of multiple other doctors. Case in point- just the other day a young man comes down here from New Jersey and has been told that he needs surgery to correct his very messed up jaw, as he called it. I looked at him and could clearly see that the eyes/ears/eyebrows were not at all level. It was painstakingly obvious. You, dear readers, already know what is going on since you have already read ALL my past blogs ;). But, for the newest of my dear readers, I should explain. What is going on with this fellow is that the cranial bones and cervical spine (neck) are quite uneven and quite out of proper position. There is no way he should consider surgery of the jaws, either now or likely into the future.

I was thankful that he came to see me because he has been to so many other doctors already and not one has done an MRI to look at the jaw joints. No one has discussed the distorted bones in his skull. No one has mentioned the distortions to the cervical spine. All of this was so obvious on initial exam, and MRI and x-rays have confirmed these observations. This is where it all begins as you all already know! At this point, I felt lucky that he had all these bad experiences because now he is finally ready to listen to a different approach- and that is using the ALF appliances. When I mentioned the ALF’s, he told me he already knew about them and had gone to see an ALF practitioner in another state who told him these things just take too long to work with! I was surprised about this. As it turns out, there are a few ALF doctors who have just given up because ALF takes time and patience, it is not a fast appliance. Using ALF’s takes time, using ALF’s is slower, but using ALF’s is safe, comfortable, logical, and it just plain does a really good job!

So when I sat down with this young fellow, I explained that he had been through quite a bit already and it might be good to slow down the pace and just work on his health for a while. He liked what I said. We then agreed that it would be wise to use the ALF appliances and just give his body time to adjust and ‘calm down’. The way the ALF works is that it helps to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system- i.e. the ‘calming effect’ – by providing support to the bones in the skull and allowing the whole body to sense more comfort in general. I see this all the time folks! Today, as of 11am, I have already checked on 4 patients wearing ALF’s and all of them report less pain and better sleep. And let’s not forget-better sleep means better healing.

I was happy that I could begin to help this fellow, yet not so happy that he had to be treated badly first in order to accept my divergent plan. My plan was not fast and aggressive, it was slow and gentle. It seems that maybe it was better for him to go to all the different doctors first, before finally landing with me- maybe it was better to have all those bad experiences so that listening to me was now easier. Maybe.