Sleep TMJ from dark to light
I have just started reading an article about the effects of computers and telephones and radiation and suicides and all I can say is: WOW! All this screen time is truly changing how we interact with each other, how we learn, and how we feel. Did you know that suicides are greatly on the increase in our modern society? So why is this happening? What is going on here? Well, basically smart phones emit EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that change how our cells react. Here is a quote, courtesy of Dr. Mercola’s article:

Research by professor Martin Pall, Ph.D., reveals EMFs activate voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs) embedded in your cell membranes. This releases a flood of calcium ions which, through a cascade of effects, result in the creation of hydroxyl free radicals — some of the most destructive free radicals known to man. In turn, this decimates mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, their membranes and proteins, ultimately resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction.

So every time you fire up your smart phone…wait a minute…mine is ALWAYS on! As I sit here typing this, I am going to take my smart phone out of my pocket and put it up on a shelf, far away from my body. As a dentist, I am all too familiar with free radicals and their effect on the human body. Here is another quote from the same article that scares me as well:

‘Aside from reduced cortical thickness (found in other studies beside the ABCD study), long-term internet use has also been linked to a loss of white matter and impaired cognitive functioning.’

So here we are folks, exposing our children to devices that are reducing their brain thickness, loss of white matter, and impairing their cognitive skills! How about we go back to the old style rotary telephones and stop blasting ourselves with radiation that is killing us slowly? In the article, they mention that we are ‘experimenting’ on our children. Wow, that’s just insane, isn’t it? Every day of the week, I prescribe outdoor time for my patients because with TMD cases, they simply need to get outside, get some fresh air, reconnect with nature, and just get away from the darned computer! Now the research is coming down- we are all way too close to our computers and cell phones. This stuff is pretty scary folks, not to mention downright dangerous. Please take the time to think about how the Internet and cell phone use is affecting yourselves and your children!