Movement disorder Tourettes TMJ treatment

This past week I had another family from Texas show up in our office. For some reasons, we now have a number of families coming here from Fort Worth and Dallas. Most of them tried someone local, yet apparently things did not work out too well. As you know, dear readers, I see lots and lots of patients with Tourette’s and I think the word is getting out about this. As I write this blog, I had just checked on one of our patients who just had the surgery to fix the discs. Since he was a Tourette’s case, I just had to know right away if the discs in the joints had medial displacement (as you already know, this is my theory on ALL Tourette’s cases). Sure enough, the surgeon confirmed the discs were not only medially displaced, but VERY medially displaced. To date, this has happened every single time- in ALL Tourette’s cases the articular discs are medially displaced.

Do I have enough evidence to write a paper? Perhaps. Do I have the time and money to make such a study happen? No way. So here I am in a bit of a dilemma – I could probably afford several thousand dollars to do some kind of study, but I have absolutely no time at all. I would much rather help as many patients as possible. I figure this is the way that I can stimulate interest in our treatment modalities and try to get these kids off the meds that are only beating them down anyway.

So back to the Texans. With several families coming from Fort Worth, they eventually bumped into each other and started talking about me and my team. As you already know, I use osteopaths and physical therapists every day so these kids from Texas needed this therapy as well. The problem was that I did not know anyone in Fort Worth to refer them to. I gave one family a name that I had heard of and it turned out the therapist was a flake! She wanted to come to the family’s home and rearrange their beds and furniture for the best ‘energy position’.  ARRRGGGHHHH! Needless to say, that did not work too well. So after a while, one of the mom’s found us all a great osteopath who they all now see and everyone is happier and feeling much better.

Although today’s blog was not too well organized, I am glad that it got the message across: We just might have a true causative factor for Tourette’s folks! One day I hope publish a study about our work and the results- it will be an eye opener for sure. And, many thanks to the families from Texas too!