In today’s blog I would like to discuss how parents are not at all aware that their child completes much of their neurologic and physiologic development at a very early age. Most of their faces are done growing by around six years old, so shouldn’t we take care of abnormalities that are blatantly obvious by that age?

TMJ treatment The Case of How it Was Too Little Too Late 2

You see, dear readers, although this little guy looks cute, he is probably hurting and does not even know it. How do I know this? Look at how his left ear is higher than his right, his left eye is higher than the right and the sclera (white) of the left eye is different as well from the right side. Even his ‘dimples’ are not level. When the body has this degree of unevenness, we know the cranial bones are distorted. Such distortion leads to improper venous/CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)/lymphatic drainage and multiple health problems later on as you know from previous blogs.

It seems that very few of the dentists and physicians out there would take the time to explain to the parents that this young man would benefit from ALF appliances, and maybe even a bit of osteopath work as well. Early intervention is critical at this point in this child’s life, I firmly believe, in order to reduce his problems later on in life. The circles under his eyes indicate there might be some issues with sleep disordered breathing. All this absolutely must be addressed NOW, but it is not likely that it will be. So few doctors are aware of what is really going on. So few doctors are trained how to treat this child. And so few doctors have even the slightest clue as to what their delays are costing this child and his family.
Parents- please – just look at your child. If you see such obvious distortions, find someone who will help you deal with this problem before it becomes too late. The children out there need help and maybe, just maybe, your observations can help them get better sooner.

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