Any time an organization is able to help so many people get better, it is important to spread the word so that others can learn as well. This has been my mission these past 4-5 years since I took over Dr. Stack’s practice. I have taught in a number of countries and have been able to stimulate a lot of interest in alternatives to drugs and aggressive surgeries by using our specialized approach to treating craniofacial pain.

Recently, Dr. Stack and I did a podcast with a group called ‘The Misdiagnosed Life’. We were interviewed and had a great discussion around why the articular discs can cause such havoc in a person’s life and what to do about it. Our interviewer, Beverly Butler, was intrigued to hear that slipped discs in the jaw joints can cause so many problems. She really seemed quite taken aback when we explained how we treat patients with chronic head and neck pain, back pain, migraines, and even movement disorders like Tourette’s and Parkinson’s. By treating the jaw joints and the slipped discs, we can oftentimes greatly reduce a patient’s level of pain and other seemingly unrelated symptoms. We have such an amazing effect on so many lives that we feel we need to teach others what we do. Please enjoy the podcast.

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Neurological disorders and other health issues such as difficulty sleeping, facial and/or body tics, headaches, head jerks, pain and many other symptoms…

It’s often said that a TMJ problem is caused by talking too much, but is it really? And what does a TMJ problem REALLY mean to your health especially if you’re suffering from a neurological disorder? Dr. Brendon Stack and Dr. Jeffrey Brown discuss this topic in this week’s show.

Dr. Stack is world famous in temporomandibular joint disorders and he discovered 40 years ago that a person with a TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder can often have neurological disorders and other health issues such as difficulty sleeping, facial and/or body tics, headaches, head jerks, pain and many other symptoms, and these symptoms go away most of the time when their joint is put back in proper alignment with their head and jaw.

Dr. Stack developed a device that the person wears once they are examined and the problem identified that helps to realign the person’s jaw and as a result, most if not all of their problems go away even problems they didn’t associate with their jaw. Dr. Stack has retired but Dr. Brown has taken over his business and after treating thousands of patients with great success he is continuing to treat patients and teach other doctors this technique so more people can get the relief they so desperately need.

A Big thank you to The Misdiagnosed Life and America Out Loud Worldwide!