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This past week I have seen a number of new patients come into our office and I am hearing the same old story: “I went to a neurologist…I went to the ENT…. I went to my GP…. I went to my acupuncturist” and on and on and on. And then I sit down directly in front of them and just look at them. That’s when the same thing happens again and again -they all seem to have the left ear higher than the other, one eye is higher than the other, or you can visually observe their jaw pops out to one side when they open their mouth. It is sometimes so painfully obvious that these people have cranial bone distortions that I just shake my head and wonder why this was missed with all these other doctors.

I guess that these people have been to their doctors and the symptoms are being treated, not the root cause. You see, dear readers, when a person’s face is very obviously distorted- and you can see this very easily if you take the time to look – then this is why they have that head or neck pain. Just like if a car has been in an accident and the car’s frame is bent, well, that’s just like a person’s skull being bent. When the frame, or skull, is bent then the vehicle or the person just cannot travel down the road very well. Things are shaky and if that vehicle is a person, then pain usually happens over time since things are no longer lined up properly and the body is fighting with itself just to walk down the road. Does that make sense? I certainly hope so!

Next year, in 2018, I will be teaching to a handful of general dentists and I hope that they will stop being a regular dentist and take a look at the whole person instead of just the teeth. It is so important to realize that if the hips are out of place, then likely the skull will be a bit twisted as well, and this can lead to lots of discomfort throughout the entire body. So, when the dentist is preparing to crown all your back teeth, stop and have your whole body assessed for any irregularities that might prevent those crowns from working as well as they should. When the hips are not level, this might affect the shoulders and the neck which would mean things are not balanced well enough to do all those crowns. So buyer, or patient, beware when you make major changes to the system!