TMJ Jaw lock treatment VA The Case of Guy Who Waited Too Long Flickr cc credit Sippanont Samchai
This is one of my short series on “It’s all about me today”. Look folks, I cannot work miracles. It’s as simple as that. Example: About a year and a half ago I met a new patient whose discs were terribly out of place and I felt really good that I could help him. Well, we never heard from him again. My team does reach out to see if the consult went OK, if there were any questions, or if there was anything we could do to help him figure this out. He made no effort to call back. My guess is it was all about money most likely. Well, the other day he called the office and basically demanded to come in at that time because his jaw had ‘locked open’ as he said. He was in pain, could not eat, and just plain miserable.

My schedule was totally booked up and as you know, dear readers, I do not double book for any reason – I respect your time and that’s how it is, so I will not jam someone into the schedule. Needless to say, he was not happy that we were not willing to just drop everything and see him immediately. This is what irks me I guess- he put off treatment for whatever reason and just because he wants to be seen right away, he figures we have to stop seeing the patients we are already scheduled to see. This thinking is kind of rude I believe. We gave him plenty of chances to take care of the problem while it was so much easier and yet he decided not to take advantage of the opportunity.

Maybe part of the problem is that he just did not understand how serious the damaged discs can be when they are badly displaced? Maybe it was all about money. But, if money was the issue, and now the problem is a lot worse, it’s only going to cost a lot more to fix the problem at this point in time. It’s like if your mechanic says “Hey lady, there’s an oil leak you should deal with” and you put it off. Then one day the whole engine is blown and the car is ruined. You should have dealt with it back then but just did not want to pay the price and now it’s exponentially more expensive!

As I started with earlier- please help ME now- deal with the problems before they become more difficult and more expensive and we are all upset with what we now have to deal with. If your jaw joints hurt, pop, click – LISTEN to the signals- they are telling you they need help and you need to do something about it. Inevitably I will get a call on the holiday from one of these folks who I met, talked to, made a plan with, and they simply did not care to deal with it, yet on Thanksgiving day, they will call me and expect me in the office. Will these folks ever change? Doubtful.  Thanks for listening to me rant and rave today!