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Today I would like to write about why breathing is so important to the human body. Too many people in this country have become mouth breathers and this creates many problems for their bodies. When we breathe through our mouth, the air is not as humid as if we breathed through our noses. In addition, that same air is not warmed up, which is better and safer for our lungs. Another consideration is that breathing through the mouth does not allow the air to be well filtered like it would if it went through your nose. For all these reasons, and more, mouth breathing is not a good thing to do!

I have attended classes over the years taught by Patrick McKeown, of the infamous Buteyko Clinic out of Ireland. Patrick is a most brilliant practitioner who is able to help athletes and regular folks to breathe better so that their bodies heal and stay healed. Just one of the things Patrick teaches is that you should have longer breaths- what this means is that instead of breathing in and out at a fast rate, try to breathe in and then hold that breath, then breathe out and wait a bit before doing the next breath and make the in between breath intervals longer. Although the process is quite complicated, in simple terms (which are about all I can handle), let’s say you only have 10 million breaths available in a lifetime. So don’t use them up all at once- make them longer and increase the intervals between breaths so that you live longer.

Another thing that is taught at the Butekyo Clinic is something called ‘control pause’ breathing. What this is all about is that you take in a breath, breathe it out, pinch your nose, and time how long before you need to take that next breath. If your CP (control pause) is less than 20 seconds, more than likely you have some sort of breathing problem- apnea, asthma, snoring, fatigue, etc. If your CP is 20-40 seconds you are in decent shape, but a trigger could make things worse- allergies for example. If your CP is over 40 seconds, you are in good shape- no worries mate! So what is your CP?  Mine happens to be in that 20-40 second range. I have sleep apnea so this correlates. Oh well. This means I need to lose weight, get in shape, and take better care of myself.

Many thanks to Patrick McKeown of the Buteyko clinic for all his great information and helping people achieve better health!

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