TMJ ALF Appliance cranial flow More Cases of Amazing ALF Interventions Flickr cc credit Modes Rodriguez
As a practitioner who uses the amazing ALF appliance every day of the week, I continue to see this little wire making changes in people’s lives all the time. This morning one of our patients from Ohio was here and reported in about 4 months that all headaches and most of his back pain were already gone. He came to me very skeptical to begin with – not sure if all this ‘ALF stuff’ was for real. At 2 months into treatment he was thinking that maybe this was not going to work at all. At 3 months he noticed a day ‘here and there’ as he said, and the headaches were not there. Now at 4 months, he is a believer!

Our friend from the Ukraine, who unfortunately cancels frequently on me, is still looking incredibly beautiful just about six months into treatment. She is a busy woman who travels, has a full time job, and children to manage. When I met her originally, she really looked beaten up a bit, kind of hardened. And now she just looks plain gorgeous- and I told her so! She just smiled and said “thank you so much”- but it was true- she looked really great. When I talked to Dr. Nordstrom about some of these cases, he explained that what was going on was that the central nervous system was now working better than it has in years and as the cranial bones opened up more, things simply flowed better. What this also meant was that the cerebrospinal fluid could more readily nourish the cells in the skull and the lymphatic system could now drain the crud out of the brain much more readily as well.

This afternoon I have a college kid coming in who told me last month that he was now able to cut his nails. That’s right- two months ago his nails looked long and ugly -they had not been cut in many months because he could not handle the sensory input that the cutting sensation produced. Now, the nails are looking good and not long and ugly!

Just about an hour ago a young man came in and told me this is the best he has felt in a very long time – he said ‘things are coming together’. A year ago, he was not able to cut his hair because it hurt he said. Now he is well groomed and feeling better about himself.

All of these folks have one thing in common – they all wear ALF appliances. All of them are happily, yet slowly, opening and expanding the cranial bones and increasing the flow of cranial fluids. And when the fluids pump happily, the body responds well, and the whole person runs better. That’s the way it is!