TMJ treatment More on the Case of Insurance Insurrection and Idiocy
Since this is my blog, I have every right to get up on the podium and let you folks know how upset the insurance companies make me! Every month I meet many new patients who really need my help, but it is sometimes cost prohibitive. It’s a good and a bad thing really. Let me explain. When insurance does not pay, in some cases this might be good because if the person simply is not motivated to fix their problems, then they will not return because cost is the main driver for them. Yesterday I met a fellow who could only open his mouth to about 29mm, and as you all know, this is not healthy. His comment to me was “What does my insurance pay?” and my response was “I don’t know, but my manager will help you with that” He openly admitted that if the treatment was basically ‘free’ to him, he would try it for a while. I told him it will take at least 18-24 months of appliance therapy to unwind the problems. When I him smirk at that, I told him it would be best not to work with him and he agreed. We parted on good terms.

Last week I met a family, or I should say I met three children and their mother. All three children, and the mother, really could use ALF treatment and right away- they ALL had big circles under their eyes and were breathing through their mouths. When they found out that the cost for each of them would be starting at around $8000, the mother almost cried – she said her insurance does not cover ALF or TMJ treatment. These are folks who I would really like to help, but insurance won’t pay anything at all – that stinks!  These are the cases that I can do so much good for, yet without some kind of insurance coverage, they simply cannot do it, or they will make a decision on who gets help and who does not.

Now, some of you on Facebook are wondering why I don’t treat them for free. The answer is that I cannot save them all- it’s as simple as that. Already I do about $10,000 per month in services for free – i.e. I help the people who need appliances that cannot afford our services, or give a big discount to an elderly person, or replace an appliance at no charge when the child leaves it sitting in a napkin in the cafeteria. This all adds up-  a lot! Maybe it’s time we all look at the insurance companies and the idiots who are denying services. If you look at the insurance carriers profits, it is interesting how they all turn a nice profit year after year, even when the economy is down. Not a bad deal. They interestingly coerce people into signing up for these plans, and then later turn around and deny services – i.e. the TM joint!  It is a joint like any other joint in most cases, and yet for some reason insurance companies exclude it in their plans. What a rip off to the customer!

Maybe it’s time for a little insurrection people! Maybe it’s time to call your legislature reps and tell them what a rip off these insurance companies are! Maybe it’s time to fight back and let your congressman know about the stupidity going on. So I’m sorry for ranting today, but after being on Facebook yesterday I realized how upset all of us really are and it’s because we are all paying piles of money and not getting a good return on our investment with our insurance carriers. Time to do something!