ALF Appliance TMJ Sleep brain health The Case of the Crud not Draining Flickr cc credit Eddi van WIt all really started a few years ago when the University of Virginia hospital center confirmed that the brain really does have lymph nodes that really do drain. During the course of the day, your brain builds up waste particles called ‘Beta Amyloids’ which are irritants to the brain. These waste particles directly correlate to problems like Alzheimer’s, ADD, OCD, and even autoimmune disorders. Researchers at the University of Texas have gone so far as to explain that this build up of amyloid particles also directly correlates to slowing of brain processing, reasoning, and memory! This does not bode well for those of us who are ‘backed up’ so to speak.

So how do you ‘unclog’ and ‘open up the drain’ you wonder? Well, I have an idea dear readers! The ALF appliance is well known, well known to those of us who know about it, that is, for not only leveling the cranial bones but for increasing the flows within the skull. And this means blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and lymph. Basically, the ALF appliance gently nudges open the restrictions in the cranial bones and allows everything to move more freely. Think of it like this: if a car has been in an accident and the frame is bent a little, this means the brake lines might be twisted and restricted and so the brakes don’t work as well. As soon as the frame is ‘unbent’, then the crimped up brake hose can work properly, the fluids flow well, and the car is under better control. This is what the ALF does- it lines things up better and ‘unkinks’ the hoses in your skull- the blood vessels, nerves, and lymph drainage.

So now that you know how to unclog those drains, get out there and make it happen!