Cleaning your ALF Gelb style appliances TMJ treament VAHere is one way to care for your teeth while wearing ALF or Gelb style appliances:

The only problem is that you need to do this outside and it can get a bit messy. Why not make things easier for yourself and try the Waterpik approach instead:

Cleaning your ALF Gelb style appliances TMJ treament Fallschurch VAAs you can see, it is just a small spray of water that will nicely clean the teeth and also keep your appliances clean as well. All you have to do is plug the pump unit into the electric outlet in your bathroom, fill the water tub, and blast away- it really is quite simple and you can do this right over the sink so it’s neat and clean!

Cleaning your ALF Gelb style appliances TMJ treament Falls church VAA product that we more recently came upon is even easier to use- you just fill it with water and use it in the shower- there is a pump at the bottom, you just pump up the pressure and clean your teeth in the shower with ease -no batteries, no electricity at all- just hand pumping makes it go. The device is called: FAMI Portable Dental Care Air Pressure Oral Irrigator Water Jet Flosser and you can find it on Amazon for about $13. Not bad.

The reason for all this concern, dear readers, is that I am seeing a few too many people these days who are not brushing and flossing like they should while they wear the appliances. It is really important to keep your teeth clean at all times while you work with the appliances. If you do not, then you could end up with gum disease and even lose teeth! This would not be good for anyone!

So please take the time to clean up your act by cleaning up your teeth and gums!