By Barb, Insurance Manager

Let’s take a look at this word.  What does this actually mean?




1. the action of helping or doing work for someone.

synonyms:favor, kindness, good turn, helping hand; More

The health profession is considered a “service industry”.  You receive an intangible product.  So other than your personal feelings at the end of treatment, how can a patient begin to assess what to do after the first appointment?  Well, here is a small checklist we believe guides each patient to a well informed decision and a successful conclusion:

Start at the beginning, fill out your questionnaires.  These are valuable to make sure your first appointment is a productive one.

Let us help you.

Exam – The first exam is lengthy but it covers a multitude of areas.

Examine the results is completed at your second visit.  This is needed to review the findings and transitions to the next step.

Planning and establishing goals for your treatment.  This is the time everything is explained to you.  You need to be fully aware and should understand your treatment.

Ask questions!  It is important you understand.

Need to continue with the follow up visits.  You are fixing a problem that has been with you for a very long time.  It will not go away overnight.

Determine if the treatment is complete.  Are you moving into braces, have you weaned off the appliance, or are you where you want to be?

Team work makes the difference.  We are here to help and we can.  So, if there is something you need just ask.  

Make the TMD or Sleep Apnea problems a thing of your past. Help others! Help us spread the word!