By Barb, Insurance Manager

For many who come to our office, you know this past year we decided to introduce a new courtesy for our patients. We always say we want to help with their pain, hurting, or the many symptoms that can be there with TMD and Sleep Apnea.  One day, we realized part of helping was to help with “after” the appointment … Insurance.

Our philosophy to help people directed us towards the very stressful, unbelievable, most frustrating aspect of the treatment process – THE INSURANCE CLAIM.  At first, we thought our software had the capability to simply send the claim and documentation by a simple push of a button.  It Does!  Then the question came about; “Where did the claim go?”  There are a multitude of interesting scenarios but the one that I find funny is “We do not have it” (keeping in mind that after the claim is submitted electronically there is a “document control number” that is assigned.) After digging time and time again, it turns out they do have it but it is sitting in their “electronic claim department” waiting to be processed.  Why, you ask? That would be another blog.

Through this I have found not only do patients become frustrated but so does everyone involved in this process… our team members and the agent taking the call.  Yes, believe it or not some of them actual have said “I do not understand why this is sitting there” with quite a bit of frustration in their voice.

The one thing I have learned is the true meaning of “patience”.  So, for the agent who is tired of me calling – Have a Nice Day and I will talk with you again soon.  For the team member who sits on the phone for 20 minutes just waiting for a real human to speak with – Thank You.  Finally, for the patient who appreciates what we are trying to accomplish – We Give You HUGS and hope we are making your life a bit easier and stress free.