Vienna, VA (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Master Dentist from the prestigious Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, has joined Dr. Brendan C. Stack and his Vienna, VA Sleep & TMJ Therapy practice to best understand Dr. Stack’s revolutionary approach to Temporomandibular Disorders and to ensure the groundbreaking techniques are properly implemented in the future.

Dr. Brown already has many years of experience treating Temporomandibular Disorders and chose to join Sleep & TMJ Therapy in Vienna, VA to ensure that Dr. Stack’s world renowned expertise in how to treat TMJ disorders lives on after his retirement. Dr. Stack’s work has been described as “miraculous” by his peers, especially for how his techniques have been able to remove patients’ dependency on medications while better treating their symptoms.

“Dr. Stack’s work treating TMJ disorders in Vienna, VAand around the world is nothing short of amazing,” Dr. Brown said. “It is my hope that by joining Dr. Stack’s practice, I can make sure his message about the best ways to treat TMJ disorders will live on and help more and more people.”

Dr. Brown and Dr. Stack’s Sleep & TMJ Therapy practice also sees patients suffering from persistent migraines, headaches, jaw popping, and diagnosed movement disorders such as Tourette’s syndrome. With a combination of traditional dentistry and Dr. Stack’s pioneering treatments, many patients experience relief from their symptoms, often without the need for invasive surgery or medications.

Sleep & TMJ Therapy is also experienced in treating children of all ages, especially those with deep bites that were told by their orthodontist that they would need jaw surgery to reposition the jaw. In many of these cases, Dr. Brown and Dr. Stack can avoid such surgery with proper appliance therapy.

About Dr. Stack: Dr. Brendan C. Stack is a university trained orthodontist (Georgetown University) who, since 1965, has limited his practice in Northern Virginia (Washington, D.C. suburb) to the clinical treatment of patients with craniofacial pain, headache and TMJ dysfunction. He is strictly a “results oriented” clinician who cuts through the extraneous issues to diagnose and treat the precise problems with a minimum of time and a maximum of efficiency. He has lectured extensively in the United States, Canada and most recently in Europe. Dr. Stack has a special interest in Tourette’s patients, particularly teenagers and preteens. Over the years this has developed from his ability to treat craniofacial and headache patients.

About Dr. Brown: Dr. Jeffrey Brown grew up in the state of Maine and went to Bowdoin College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1982. He accepted early decision into the Georgetown School of Dentistry and graduated from there in 1986. While at Georgetown, Dr. Brown worked in the neurology department as an assistant to a project which involved studying the regeneration of nerve tissue in the spinal column after major trauma.

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