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Dr. Brendan Stack

Stack_BrendanDr. Stack is a caring individual who listens to your problems. He has been treating TMJ problems, headache, face pain, ear pain, and bad bites for forty years. He has encountered problems just like yours many times over and has treated them successfully. He gives you detailed explanations about your treatment and answers all of your questions completely.

Dr. Stack’s forty years of experience and reputation attract referrals from other Doctors and treated patients worldwide. He knows how to produce results!

Dr. Stack is a university trained orthodontist (Georgetown University) who, since 1965, has limited his practice in Northern Virginia (Washington, D.C. suburb) to the clinical treatment of patients with craniofacial pain, headache and TMJ dysfunction. He is strictly a “results oriented” clinician who cuts through the extraneous issues to diagnose and treat the precise problems with a minimum of time and a maximum of efficiency. He has lectured extensively in the United States, Canada and most recently in Europe.

Dr. Stack has a special interest in helping TMJ patients who suffer from movement disorders, such as Tourette’s, particularly teenagers and preteens. Over the years this has developed from his ability to treat craniofacial and headache patients. He noticed the overwhelming majority of these patients had facial tics, eye blinking, eyelid tics, mouth tics, head nodding, shoulder shrugging and head tremors. He treated these patients as TMJ patients (jaw joint clicking, locking, limited mouth opening), although he treated them mainly for pain. He noticed all of these tics dissipating at the same time. When word started spreading throughout the healthcare community that he could relieve some of these associated tics, Tourette’s patients started to come to his practice. He was very successful in ridding them of these comorbidities. He has developed quite a following of these patients.

If you have any of these conditions and you wish to try his treatment, which does not call for any psychotherapy or drugs but only requires a wearing of a dental mouthpiece (not noticeable to others), please call his office 703.821.1103.

What this mouthpiece accomplishes is that it realigns the jaw so that it fits beneath the base of the skull so that the lower jaw is in a better position and it is no longer misaligned. Dr. Stack feels that the basis of most of the comorbid Tourette’s conditions is basically a misalignment of the mandible to the skull base due to some type of TMJ internal derangement.