TMJ Sleep Apnea treatment Falls Chruch VA case of the missing molars Flickr credit Dan Dickinson Although I am not able to diagnose over the phone or over the Internet, I can get a good handle on a person’s situation just by talking to them. And even though I got the information third hand, I can still really get a decent idea of what is going on with someone’s case. Just recently my team was asked that I give an opinion over the phone and all I could say was “No, that will not happen” as it is inappropriate and unethical at best. This is why I am asking anyone who contacts my office not to pressure me into giving advice without seeing you first!

I can say, however, that if you are missing many teeth this will inherently ‘collapse’ your bite and may lead to some serious breathing issues. I see these kinds of cases too frequently these days. Let’s imagine that as a teenager, many years ago, you went to your dentist and he or she found a pile of cavities in the teeth and instead of filling them, just pulled them out. Well, dear readers, what will happen is that the teeth will collapse inwards and start to close the gaps between the teeth as things ‘dip’ inwards. This will cause the palate (roof of the mouth) to become smaller and on the lower jaw as things tip backwards, there is less room for the tongue. And guess what this contributes directly to? Sleep Apnea! You guessed it – if you yank out too many teeth, the upper and lower jaws (the arches) will inherently collapse and this closes down the throat, closes the airway, makes less room for the tongue and you can no longer breathe as well.

So please DO NOT have your dentist pull out teeth unless you absolutely have to! You will likely pay a price for those missing molars one day.