TMJ therapy falls church VA alf device balance jaw joints The Case of the Scary Long Fingernails credit flickr stuart anthonyThis is not exactly a Freddie Krueger story but it was similar, and it happened only a few months ago. I had a new patient here who simply could not cut his fingernails – it was simply too painful he said. He told me that every time he tried to cut his nails, the pain was terrible. The nails were not quite as long as the star’s nails from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, but they were pretty close.

So when I first met this young man I noticed he had some speech issues- his voice was just a bit slurred. He also reported not sleeping well. The MRI showed slipped discs – medial displacement in fact on both sides, and you all know how this correlates to movement disorders. The plan was simple: install upper and lower ALF appliances and see if we can get things to loosen up over time. Well, it seems to be working folks- when he came in the other day, he had already cut his nails down to what we would call an ‘almost’ normal length- sure, they were a bit longer than the average guy, but nothing like they were before.  The funny thing is when his mother asked him why he cut his nails, he responded “I felt like doing it” and that’s when she winked at me because she knew the ALF appliances had done this.

What the ALF does is that it promotes better cranial motion- i.e. it gets the skull bones moving again. And when the bones move, the cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic system all work better. There is now a lot of research going into the concept of ‘neurotensegrity’- the concept that by putting a slight stress onto the neurological system, the body can thrive so much better. It’s like with grapes on the vine- the best wine grapes are made from slightly stressed grapes- i.e. they have to grow on the side of a hill, not a lot of water- they have to work for their survival so they are more likely to thrive by being slightly stressed. It’s a very interesting idea, isn’t it? There is another term called ‘biotensegrity’ which is quite similar- the biologic system is slightly stressed due to the presence of the ALF’s so the whole body tends to work better because motion is stimulated. And let’s face it… we ALL need more motion in our lives!

And now since I am on a roll, might as well tell you about another story that might seem hard to believe, but it is so very true. About a year ago I met a nice young man who had severe pain all over his body. Well, the real interesting part of this is that he had terrible pain in his hair- YES, that’s right, his hair hurt all the time. So when I met this fellow, he had long hair because it simply hurt too much to brush it, wash it, or even cut it. Today, a year later, he now shows up very well groomed and told us he feels so good that he can actually cut his hair without worry. Go figure- that little ALF appliance gave him back his ability to groom!

Dear readers, as you can well imagine some of this may seem rather ridiculous to you, but I assure you all my words are true! I have seen many remarkable transitions occur because of the ALF appliance- from reducing brain fog to stopping fingers from trembling. All of this is likely due to simply getting things moving and working like they are supposed to- this is what the ALF is all about- getting nature working like she is supposed to. The body is actually quite remarkable- it will heal if you simply give it a chance, and that is what the ALF is all about- giving the body the opportunity to heal itself!