In an attempt to make my dear readers more aware of some great medical research, I dedicate this blog to crud: sludge if you will, or better yet let’s call them what they are: Beta Amyloid particles. You see, I’m not into technical stuff very often so I believe it makes more sense to refer to Beta Amyloid particles as what they really are: just plain crud. Crud is the stuff that accumulates as waste material during the course of the day from normal brain functioning. Just like most systems, waste builds up, and at night time that crud drains from your brain via the lymphatic system. Oh, some of you are going to say there is no such thing in the brain, but let me say ‘au contraire, mon ami’ – some incredibly brilliant researchers at the University of Virginia (much smarter guys than yours truly) last year confirmed it- the brain really does have a lymphatic system that drains crud out at nighttime.

And just to add a little to the mix, if that crud does not drain out at nighttime, this directly correlates to the incidence of ADD, OCD, autoimmune disorders, and Parkinson’s. That’s right, if you don’t drain out the crud, you can become quite damaged. Don’t take my word for it- the new research is quite available if you just look around a bit. Now it’s time for a very slight leap of faith. Last year several of the cranial osteopaths that I work with told me that the little ALF appliance that I use is the ONLY device out there that promotes good cranial motion. What they are saying is that the ALF gets things flowing and helps get the crud out of your skull. Maybe this is a really good thing? The answer is categorically YES!

So as a dentist who uses the ALF every day of the week, do I see this happening? Most definitely. Case in point:  our friend from New Jersey who came to me a year or so ago had severe ‘brain fog’ as he called it, could not sleep, could not even go to school. A year or so into ALF therapy he has his life back, sleeps well, can drive a car again, and is back in college. And now my speculative and not-so-scientific conclusion: I helped this fellow by unclogging the drains so the crud could get out and things were able to flow normally again. And that is the concept behind what I do- I’m a plumber basically and darned proud of it!