sleep-tmj-therapy-nutrition-the-case-of-talking-turkey-john-eisenschenk-credit-flickrThat’s a really old expression: Talking Turkey. It originated probably a couple hundred years ago, but basically it just means let’s talk seriously for a bit. So today’s blog is about a topic I am really taking quite seriously with my patients- nutrition. I see many patients these days who report brain fog, inability to sleep well, dizziness, and a host of other similar issues. When we clean up their diet, it seems most of these problems abate, and not just sometimes, but most every time. Could it be that our diets these days are so full of chemicals and basically toxic materials that we are slowly being poisoned? I think it might be true.

Recently, one of my own patients posted on Facebook all the foods she now eats – no dairy, no gluten, but a whole bunch of organic vegetables and supplements to nourish the body and replace what has long been missing. She said it was the most difficult thing she has ever done, but it made her headaches go away completely and she sleeps well and feels great. The problem I see with all this is that it must be difficult to maintain that kind of discipline forever! I am not sure if I could begin to do what this lady has done!

Now I know there is no great research on how nutrition correlates to TMJ treatment, but let’s face it folks- it is kind of obvious! If your body is not properly fueled to heal, then the success in healing the jaw joints will be greatly reduced, it’s as simple as that. Let’s say you are deficient in many vitamins and minerals, like so many people seem to be these days. It only makes sense that your body cannot fix itself like it should- face the facts!

This week alone I had several of our patients in here who told me they still have some degree of ‘brain fog’ as they refer to it. I have spoken to our osteopath doctors and they feel there is still something going on which is hard to identify. Could it be the nutritional component that is missing?  It is certainly possible.

Anyway- many of these people are asking what resources might be out there for them. I do give out Dr. Mercola and Dr. Douglass’s names- they have newsletters and all that. In addition- if you check out Health Sciences Institute, North Star Nutritionals, or Healthier Talk – they also have newsletters and show you some good ideas to improve your health too. But, beware dear reader, they will ALL try to sell you something. I’ll admit- I take a number of their products and am happy with them, but I make no recommendations. Do your own research, make your own decisions, ask your doctor about supplements and if they are good for you, but I think it’s important you learn as much as you can- after all it’s your body, no one else’s!