In our office, we survey each patient as they sit down for their appliance adjustments and checkups. The survey has a dozen or so items that we ask our patients about- head pain/neck pain/popping/clicking/etc- but there is no mention of how they feel emotionally or otherwise. This past week I actually had a fellow pull me aside and said, “Hey Doc- just want to let you know that I feel more confident and outgoing than ever before”. Turns out, he came to our office to do ALF appliances because he had read my blogs about the connection to ADD/OCD/etc and thought that if he got things ‘loosened up’ he just might feel better. Then my head assistant, Karina, mentioned that two other people this week said the same thing- they felt better physically, but they also felt more stable emotionally and more confident in their daily lives. Well folks, I’m not a therapist or anything like that, but I think we should probably add a new line or two to our questionnaire!

A year or so ago, it was the UVA (University of Virginia) Hospital Center that confirmed that the brain builds up beta amyloid particles which must drain at night in order to stay healthy. They also pointed out that this correlates to reduction in ADD/OCD/Autoimmune symptoms when the beta amyloids are drained. And according to my osteopath doctors that I work with, they believe that my ALF appliances ‘open up’ the stuck cranial bones and allow for better cranial motion, which in turn leads to better CSF flow and lymphatic drainage; a win-win for everyone!

And as I think about the benefits of the ALF appliances, I also am realizing that they have been quite helpful in reducing headaches as well. Is it because the cranial bones are now moving like they should? Or maybe things are just draining better in general? Who knows- it seems that much of what we are doing is on the cutting edge and it will take another 20 or more years of research and writing to prove everything that I am seeing clinically. At least I know we are going in the right direction and that is what really matters!